5 Things Not To Miss For A Perfect Trip To Prague, Czech Republic

Prague – a city of up to 100 towers and ancient buildings, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. For the most complete Prague tour, take note of the following five things:

1- Sightseeing by walking

Take a stroll on the gravel streets of the Old Quarter, visit the John Lennon Wall – a colorful work to commemorate the famous singer and activist of The Beatles.

Also, do not forget to explore the other “pearls” of Prague architecture such as the towers and astronomical clock tower from medieval times.

2 Visit the Black Madonna house

The Black Madonna House (czkubismus.cz) in the Old Town is the epitome of the history of cubism, with chairs, large stairs and iron grids in the window.

The Grand Orient cafeteria is the only place with cubist-style interiors, surviving in the world. Even donuts are square shaped with a square hole in the middle.

3 – Visiting Alphonse Mucha Museum

This is an indispensable destination for art lovers in the Art Nouveau area. The museum displays posters, depicts the natural beauty and femininity, and designs of paper money and jewelry by Czech designer Alphonse Mucha.

Mucha’s artwork is regularly seen around Prague, with stained glass windows in St Vitus Cathedral, and the interior and exterior of the city hall.

4 – Take a walk on the Charles bridge

This bridge was built in the mid-14th century under the patronage of Emperor Charles IV. The bridge is also named after this emperor. It is also the oldest of 17 bridges crossing the Vltava River. It is decorated with 30 Barouque-style statues.

5 – Visit the ancient Jewish cemetery

When you first hear about the trip to this cemetery, it is easy to make you feel scary and haunted. On the contrary, there are plenty of people here and the atmosphere is very bustling. First, you will visit a museum round and hear about the Jewish beliefs and customs.

Besides, you can not ignore the solemn, solemn but deeply moved gallery – the memory of over 77,000 Czech Jews murdered by the Nazis. Their names are stained on the walls of the Pinkas Synagogue.