Tips To Save Money Travel Easier Than Ever

How many times do you feel at home because of the money spent savings for the dream trip? In this 2018, do not repeat the old tragedy again but try to apply 10 tips by the pros and travel bloggers around the world tips that will ensure you always save enough money from A to Z!

1. Be flexible. In particular, if you want to travel in one place, be flexible about your time. If you want to travel through many places, be flexible about the location of those places. However, only one of the two options. (Illustrated – Source: Internet)

2. Offer vouchers or coupons, discounts related to travel on all occasions where you receive gifts, from birthdays, graduation ceremonies or grand holidays.

3. Instead of trying to eat fast food, choose the cheapest food to eat on the trip, why not do it at home to save money? Traveling is to experience a new exciting food

4. Create a bank account to save money for the trip. Absolutely do not touch that account.

5. Use credit cards and debit cards, as these two cards will keep you from losing a useless cash when you withdraw money overseas.

6. Get email alerts at cheap airline or airline ticket sales sites for the best discount ticket information.

7. Off-season tourism. Do not choose the trips on the occasion of the festival or winter of a certain country, such as to Malaysia in November, Thailand in January …

8. Before hastily booking return air ticket, why do not you try to book tickets in each turn and return separately? Sometimes it’s even cheaper than that.
Take advantage of flights with transit. This idea is based on the fact that expensive or cheap airfare depends on market demand rather than distance, so bookings for a longer and more expensive flight are much cheaper than direct flights.

9. Make use of “free of charge” sites such as Couchsurfing or Airbnb or foreign friends to save on housing.

10. Bring junk food, do not waste a pile of money on junk food at the airport because they are horrible!